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Carthage Puppetry Art Days

 In Tunisia, puppetry art exists but it does not find a fair echo although, historically, it is rooted in the cultural identity of the country. To make up for this lack, highlight, promote and give this art back its true place, an annual festival for the general public is held:  Carthage Days of Puppetry Arts (CDPA/JAMC)


The CDPA/JAMC aim to :

  • Promote puppetry art in Tunisia.
  • Promote the main Tunisian works in puppetry art and highlight the Tunisian experience in this field.
  • Enable the Tunisian public and other to learn about puppetry art in the world.
  • Create a market that will allow the Tunisian creation in terms of puppetry to make itself known both inside and outside the country;
  • Promote Tunisian civilizational and heritage characteristics to develop the tourism sector.
  • Establish networks between actors in the field and puppeteering structures and events around the world.

CDPA/JAMC program has several axes including:

  • Puppet shows of all shapes and expressions.
  • Artistic workshops dealing with the techniques of puppetry art (texts, drawings, puppets making and manipulation, preparation of the puppet accessory components).
  • Training sessions in puppetry supervised by Tunisian and foreign experts.
  • Seminars and debates on children's theater, in particular puppet theater.
  • Exhibitions, documentaries and scenography on puppetry career and achievement in Tunisia and abroad.
  • Street animation to promote the festival dimension and extend the impact of the event.
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